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     PerfecTress® Human Remy Cuticle Hair is the finest hair quality you can find. Remy Cuticle Hair means that all the cuticles are sorted in the same direction and all the cuticles are in tact which makes it less likely to tangle, it is more durable and reflects a natural shine. This results in tangle free hair that is easy to comb, brush and style.


     All the Hair has received a Micro Polymer Cross Linking Treatment. This is a unique treatment that encapsulates the hair with Micro polymers like a fine net resulting in a silky smooth surface that does not tangle. PerfecTress hair has also been infused with Perma Moisturiser. This unique formula prevents the hair from drying out.Perfectress hair is durable and can be reused for up to one year! Hair textures are not made with chemical perms. Extensions are a great way to not only add length but also texture and fullness!





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